Purrrfectly Paired in Paris | Dress the World Series

Purrrfectly Paired in Paris | Dress the World Series


Can't mention Paris without thinking of the chic style that was born there so that's why I was so excited to put together this outfit in collaboration with Box Lunch Gifts! If you read my first installment of my Dress the World series then you know that for this post a $100 donation is being made on my behalf to Feeding America! I am so honored to be working with them on this as it is such a worthy cause! With that said, let's talk style because "after all this is France!" ;)

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I took so much inspiration from Paris, France for this outfit which meant I wanted to have a white and black color scheme, polka dots, and feminine detailing! With Marie being one of my favorite characters and my Disney spirit animal, pairing this backpack with it was purrrfect! She adds just the right pop of color and was perfect for toting around my camera and other park essentials! I also chose to pair my Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary ears with this outfit because DUH! I was able to snag these at the Paris pavilion and they have since been restocked a couple times but I'm unsure if they will be coming back! Fret not though because I will be giving a pair of these away SOON so keep and eye out for that!

I spent an early morning here in the France pavilion and I highly recommend coming here in the morning to enjoy some quiet time with a cup of coffee, a sweet treat from the bakery (MY FAVE), and possibly a girlfriend to chat with! Being in the pavilions before everyone crowds the park for the day is such a tranquil experience! Besides me and my friend Katie, there were only 5 or so people in the pavilion with us which was soooo nice! It really gives you time to take in all the detail and beauty without being overwhelmed by all the people! It also makes for really good photos with no other people in the background! HA! 

Paris offers my favorite scenery and quick service at the bakery, so it's so fun to visit even when the Food and Wine festival isn't happening! Since it is though I highly recommend that you check out their booth as they offer some of my favorite dishes of all for the festival! Here's what I would suggest:

The Boeuf Bourguignon

La Passion Martini Slush

Creme Brûlée a la Confiture de Framboises 

That's basically a triple threat paring of cuisine perfection and you will not be disappointed! 


I look forward to sharing my next Dress the World series installment with you! I'll give you a hint: It's an outfit worth fighting for! 

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What I'm wearing... Backpack (similar), skirt (similar)

Unfortunately the top I am wearing is currently out of stock, but I will update this post if it comes back!

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