Time for Tea

Time for Tea


There's nothing I love more than a chance to get dressed up and be fancy for a day, so that's why The Grand Floridian Garden View Tea experience is one of my absolute favorite things to do on Walt Disney World property. I went for the second time with my friend Katie a few weeks ago and I'm already wanting to go again! Katie and I both took this opportunity to get all dolled up in our best tea attire and have a girls day! I was positively mad over how fun it was! Keep reading for all my outfit details and for why I love going to have tea so much!


You can't mention tea and Disney without thinking of Alice and all her friends, so when Katie invited me to tea, I knew this dress from the Dress Shop located in the Co-Op at Disney Springs would be perfectly classy and whimsical for our outing at the Grand. I am just so thrilled that Disney is offering dresses like these! Not only do they channel some of our favorite characters and attractions-- think Cinderella, Haunted Mansion, Orange Bird, Hollywood Tower of Terror and many more-- but they are quality made and worth the price in my opinion! This Alice dress was $98 (a little less if you have an AP! WOOT!) and fit me like a dream! I chose to wear mine with a crinoline underneath to add to the volume of the skirt and then paired it with the White Rabbit purse that is also available at the Dress Shop! This purse was roughly $50 if I remember correctly and is also well made and extremely adorable! The purse even boasts a little white fluffy tail! My favorite aspect of this outfit was the shoes though!! All the heart eyes for these darling lace brogues that really just pulled this outfit together to make it perfect for a day spent at the Grand. I love pieces like these shoes because they encapsulate a style from years past and it really just paired so well with the aesthetic that the Grand nails so perfectly. The look was finished with the classic silver sequin ears that are available at the parks and online! I'll link what I can below!

Now that I've gushed enough over this outfit, I want to give you my opinion on the actual tea experience!


To start off, this is a reservation only experience that can be made by calling Disney Dining or going to the Grand in person to make it.  This experience cannot be booked on the My Disney Experience app at the time that I posted this blog.

Tea at the Grand is certainly a special experience-- one that not all people would enjoy as much as I do or think is worth the money, but if you do in fact like tea, cute, yummy finger sandwiches, scones, marvelous jam spreads, and a decadent choice of desserts all while you sit by massive windows soaking in the Florida sunshine and receiving world class service from the amazing Cast Members that the Grand Floridian offers, then this may be PERFECT for you!

One thing you shouldn't expect from this experience and it's something I think that takes a lot of people off guard is that this isn't a heavy meal that you're sitting down to enjoy.  It is very much so a traditional tea experience with light fare. There are several different tea packages you can select off the menu that offer varying different things. I have personally went with the Bedfordshire Tea package both times that I have been to tea here. This includes your choice of a full pot of tea (I suggest the Enchanted Forest tea), an assortment of finger sandwiches, a selection of tarts, scones, and biscuits, and your choice of dessert ( I selected the fresh cream and strawberries for this time. HIGHLY recommend. The cream is AMAZING! The red GF dusted bowl I'm holding above is the dessert. I must say though, I don't feel you can go wrong with any of the selections offered.  They are all prepared by the GF's amazing kitchen and are all SO yummy looking! This package is around $35, but there are other packages that cost anywhere from $35-$150. The $150 package offered serves 2.

I think what makes this worth the money besides the fact that the food is amazing, but that the experience is as well. It is such a relaxing but fun experience that lets you feel as though you are British royalty just enjoying a day in the life. The service is excellent, the experience unique, and when done with some girl friends, it's truly something you'll cherish for years to come.  I also just love the change of pace that this is from doing the normal sun up, sun down park day.  This gives you a chance to unwind and just enjoy the 1st class amenities WDW resorts have to offer. Doing this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion so keep this in mind next time you're looking for something different to do to celebrate someone or something in your life.

Now, if you don't like tea or are looking for a large meal, don't book this experience. This isn't something I would rush either, so if you're on a tight schedule and your main focus is the parks, then this won't be where you'll want to spend your time. If you're like me though, then you'll love getting all gussied up, chatting with your friend, and just taking in this lovely experience. 

This is something that I hope to be doing again soon and I hope some of you will think about doing it too! If you do, I would love to hear about your experience!


It's *time* for me to wrap this post up, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Until next time,





ears// The dress and purse are only available for purchase at the Co-Op at this time.

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