The Most Wonderful Time to Style (Sponsored by Francesca's)

The Most Wonderful Time to Style (Sponsored by Francesca's)


It's the most wonderful time of year and it's also the first time I'll be spending that time in Florida! It's been a little over 6 months since Dylan and I made our big move here and we are so excited to see Disney at Christmas for the first time together! This is my first time seeing WDW transform into its beautiful state of holiday goodness and it's been nothing short of ~magical!~ Between seeing the castle light up and dazzle, to the resorts putting on their best garlands, I've been in awe of it all! With so many twinkling lights, rich colors, and festive trimmings, it's easy to get inspired when it comes to holiday wear!  That's what made putting together this outfit so fun! 

I've teamed up with Francesca's once again to bring you some serious holiday party outfit inspiration! Francesca's sponsored this post, but trust me when I say that I will only ever recommend brands and products to you that I would buy myself. :) (We all know I'm a devoted Fran's fan which is what always makes me so excited to work with them!)


Dylan and I love having date nights! We try to have one night a week that is just for us and we always try to make it a little special. When I heard that the resorts finally had all their holiday decorations up, I knew it would make for such a wonderful evening for us to go around and see them all and to take advantage of some of the special things they do during this time of year. The life-size gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian was the TOP of our list! Dylan and I were in awe of the MASSIVE tree in the Grand lobby as well as the carefully constructed gingerbread house that you can actually buy freshly baked and decorated gingerbread from! The Grand Flo does nothing half way and I was totally blown away! The gingerbread was truly scrumptious and worth the splurge of getting one of the intricately decorated snowflake "ornaments." We spent the rest of the evening just soaking everything in, enjoying each others company, and nibbling on the sweet gingerbread. It was so much fun and I can't wait to check out more of the decorations at other resorts on the loop!


When it came to what I would wear for this holiday outing, I wanted to shake up the proverbial style snow globe and do something a little less conventional! I didn't want to do the typical red dress and sparkly shoes (though Fran's has some insanely GORGEOUS options if you're looking for that), but I wanted to do something that could be used for several different occasions that happen between the months of November and early January. Think New Year's Eve, office parties, date nights, Christmas, etc. I wanted to style an outfit that could carry through til spring and not be too in your face Christmas. I also did my normal Styled by Magic ways and tried to channel a Disney character for this outfit.

If you've seen Cinderella, both the classic animated original and the live action version with Cate Blanchett as Evil Stepmother, then you will totally see where I got this inspiration. Even though the 2 characters who played a hand in inspiring this outfit are villains, you can't deny that they slay when it comes to the style and color palette inspiration category! Lucifer (from the original) and Evil Stepmother (from the live action) were the inspirations for this and I thought it was spot on! 

The fur vest was the perfect piece for adding a layer to make this more wintery, but still bearable to wear in Florida's basically nonexistent winters and it was my anchor piece that gave off total Lucifer vibes. It added just the right contrast of texture and is easy to be layered with sweaters and long sleeves if you get a real winter! 

The dress immediately reminded of the STUNNING Cate Blanchett and her vibrant, elegant, luxe wardrobe in Cinderella. Never have I drooled over a movie's costuming for a villain more! WOW! The colors were just, ugh, EVERYTHING. I am fan-girling and I am NOT ashamed! This deep purple color complimented with crushed velvet, floral detailing made for such a sweet party dress that could be worn for so many occasions. Not to mention that velvet is so luxe feeling and SO on trend! I chose to pull the jewel tones out with my accessories to add the dazzle and bling that makes for any perfectly festive holiday outfit.  The  marbled statement earrings, cluster ring, and gold glitter clutch added just the right amount of sparkle to lighten up all the rich tones and made this feel more holiday ready.

My favorite part of this entire outfit (besides the earrings) were these sock boots! Can we just appreciate those babies for a minute?! They are such a statement but in the most subtly amazing way. Their neutral color make them easy to pair with a plethora of things in your closet, but their style and embossed filigree make for such a chic style statement. I will be pairing these with everything that I possibly can because I just feel 10x cooler wearing them! It was also a good alternative to wearing sparkly heels, which aren't always practical if you get snow where you live! With every outfit I showcase for you guys, I always try to think about all of you who don't live in sunny Florida or near a Disney park, so I hope you guys enjoy that I style things that can be easily adapted to whatever your needs are!

I'm looking forward to styling all of these pieces individually in different ways to get the most wear out of them all through the winter season!

Until next time...



p.s. These photos were taken by my incredibly talented friend Alex Royer of Alex Royer Photography. She truly blew me away with these which is why I had to include a whopping 30 of them instead of my normal 10-15! I just couldn't choose!! Sorry not sorry! HAHA!

Details: Dress // Vest // Boots // Clutch // Ring // Earrings 


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