Call Me, Mickey! | Sponsored by OtterBox

Call Me, Mickey! | Sponsored by OtterBox


There's no question that accessories make any outfit, but we often forget that one constant staple in today's outfit is our cell phones! Just like a good pair of dazzling shoes or colorful bag, cell phones can make a statement too! That's why I've teamed up with OtterBox as an OtterBox Ambassador to show off their Disney Classics line of cases! I took 3 of their cases and put together 3 different outfits to showcase that a cell phone case can add just the right amount of magic (and cellular protection) to any outfit!

With all I do on my phone; castle selfies, foodgrams, blogging, posting, emailing, Insta-storying, etc, It's important to me that I protect my phone and it be cute! OtterBox does just that! With the sleek, well-made design that OtterBox boasts with this line of cases paired with adorable graphic designs of Mickey and Minnie, it was so easy to put together 3 outfits that showcased my style in 3 different ways! I put together a chic, girly outfit Minnie herself would love, a sporty Mickey inspired look, and a more edgy look that was inspired by the new generation of Club Mickey Mouse! 

Before I dive in, I really do just have to attest to the quality of these cases. My first ever cell phone I had lived in an OtterBox case and it made it through soooo many drops and other oopsie moments! This new line of cases is no different and I am so proud that I have partnered with such a quality company that I am happy to tell you guys about! I will never promote a product I wouldn't buy myself, so with that said, LET'S GET STYLING!

IMG_2345 2.JPG

"Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?!"

This outfit was the lead-off for the day and I LOVED it! I went for casual-edgy by wearing a simple ribbed midi dress with ringer detailing that added a little bit of a varsity-school vibe! It was so easy and comfortable to wear! To spice it up, I added this cool red faux leather jacket, and sparkly platform sneakers! To add some Disney magic and sparkle, I accessorized with my trusty silver sequin park ears, a shimmering circle bag, and last but not least the Mickey Scramble case! I loved how this case popped against my outfit! Since this case was more of a pattern in itself, I felt it really fitting to keep the rest of my outfit patterns minimal so that this case could SHINE! I loved seeing this case really standout in photos! It's definitely my favorite case for its subtly and it's the one I've chosen to keep on my phone! The trick to any good outfit is knowing when to go simple but still keep it fun! The red of the jacket and sparkle of the shoes were just the right pops to be great enhancements to the case!


To show off this Mickey Stride case, I wanted to go sporty, but incorporate some funky details that added some much needed texture and color! Mickey Mouse is comprised of such classic, iconic details and coloring, so I wanted to put a new spin on that! For my shirt, I went with this bright yellow tee with silver button detailing on the shoulders! Not only did this mimic and nod to the buttons on his pants, but it added some interest as well! To drive home the sporty look, I paired these striped leggings and kept the same sparkly sneakers on from the first look! The leggings fit like a dream and I loved the waistband on these! It added a nice break in the outfit and paired with the case so well! To top this look off, I paired my fave Mickey hat and fury backpack! This was Dylan's favorite outfit that I put together and I must say that I will be wearing this again (in and out of the parks) because it's just such a cool look! 


Minnie Mouse would definitely approve of this chic, dot filled outfit and for that reason it was my personal favorite overall! I had a blast mixing patterns, textures, and colors to make this a standout look! Even though Minnie's dress on the Minnie Stripes case features just that- stripes, I wanted to keep it classic and add contrast with this feminine polka dot blouse paired with distressed and embellished mom jeans! This outfit needed some color and my go-to is always RED! This worked out great because it pulled from the red in her dress on the case and the purse (similar) and heels (similar) made for such girly and striking accessories! I felt like I was going on the chicest coffee run ever! Minnie will always be my style icon and this outfit is just one of many ways I love to channel her!


I will be keeping all of these pieces, including the cases, in my wardrobe rotation for the new year! All of this refreshed my wardrobe in a much needed way and I can't wait to mix and match everything and style these cases in different ways! I plan on channeling Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time in that red jacket!! Isn't it perfect for that?!


I so hope you all enjoyed how I took inspiration from and styled all of this! I feel like I say this every time, but I think this is my favorite post yet! I loved getting to show off all the facets of my personal style in a cohesive way and I have to thank Alexandra Royer Photography for capturing it all and bringing my vision to life! I also need to thank Kristyne for always being there to fix details we sometimes don't catch! They're definitely my favorite Mouseketeers!



Now, the only question I'm asking myself is WHEN CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN?!

Until next time,



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