Disney Makeup

Disney Makeup

Well ALL know the struggles of wanting to look like a picture perfect Minnie for photos at Disney but having to fight against that Florida heat and dreaded humidity. The struggle is REAL, y'all. However, after my many trips to Disney during peak summer months, I have formulated a routine that has been tried and tested to combat against the heat for at least a few hours! With that said, these are products that I have found to work for me and my specific needs, so I encourage you all to test them out yourself by getting samples if possible before fully committing to a product! (Sephora is a great place to get free samples! You're allowed up to 3 per "world." (area of the store))

Now, let's get glam. ;)

When it comes to makeup, I have a signature look I always wear-- I like to call it classic pin up with a modern twist.  This involves me sporting a bold red lip and winged liner! My favorites (pictured above and linked here and here ) are the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper" and Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Beso." I find these two products have incredible staying power and will stay in place for the day with little to no touch up required. These two products set the standard for how I like the rest of my makeup products to perform!

When I travel to Disney, I like to take the products I know work for me, so this means I have a (relatively) small amount of products I take.  This is very beneficial in my opinion because it takes the guess work out of doing your makeup in the morning and gets you out and into the parks sooner! This also means you don't have piles and piles of makeup that you're trying to cram into a suitcase or carry on. I find that taking one small makeup bag filled only with those trusted products will make packing easier too (and leave more room for Disney Swag on your way back!)

I use a Tartan and Twine Minnie Mouse Train Case to carry all my makeup products that I would need! (My particular one is no longer available, but I found a similar one here.) It's the perfect size -- not too big or too small, and of course it's Minnie Mouse inspired! It's also hard sided which I love because you know it will be pretty well protected through travel in a suitcase.

As you can see, the case holds all my products perfectly. In fact, I could even fit a few more in there if I needed.

Moving on into a little more detail of the products I take and why I love them...

I mentioned earlier that long wear is the way to go when doing your makeup for a day at Disney and I can't stress that enough. For someone like me who has oily, combo skin, it's important for me to use a long wear, matte finish primer and foundation. My go-to primer is the Benefit POREfessional. This really helps keep my t-zone matte and fills in my pores to give me a flawless, even base for the rest of my makeup. It's just such a great product! You can find it here or here   (mini sizes of this primer are also available for purchase.)

For my foundation, I'm SUPER extra and use a mix of 2 foundations-- Make Up Forever Ultra HD and the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation. ( This is not necessary for most people. I basically do this to get a better color match for my fair skin and because I like the way the two mix together.) Both foundations are medium to full coverage and offer a matte finish. I find that they don't wear off too easily and will stay in place through quite a bit of sweating! (#bless) You can find both here and here! I want to mention again that just because these particular foundations work for me, doesn't mean they will work the same magic for you. However, in my experience with these foundations mixed together, I was able to do a sun up to sun down day in the parks and still look decent by the end of the night! SCORE! 

For my concealer I go with my trusty Urban Decay Naked concealer. What's great about this product is that it isn't super heavy, so it won't feel too cakey when wearing it on top of primer and foundation. I apply a very thin layer to the area needed and then use some setting powder to lightly dust over it to make sure it doesn't crease throughout the long day. You can find the concealer and setting powder here and here.

The brow products I use are totally optional and are totally up to preference of whether or not you even fill in your brows, but I myself prefer to use the ABH Dip Brow Pomade when I'm at the parks because it makes them look super sharp and once it's on, it stays on! No budging!! I also go in with a brow gel to set my brow hairs in place due to the fact that I have long, wiry brow hairs that need to be tamed.

Brow Pomade here, Brow Gel here


My mascara (Benefit Roller Lash, found here) doesn't so much have to do with being long wear, but more rather that I like the lengthening and curling it does to my lashes. 

Though these products above may not seem necessary, I wanted to spotlight them a little because it's these babies right here that help in completing my signature look and give that effect that you all always seem to love when you see them in action in my photos!

All four of the products above are incredibly high quality and are always a true joy to use! I can't say how much I love them, although I'm sure you can tell by the fact that they all look well loved. The Kat Von D contour palette has been a staple for me for a couple years and helps give my cheek bones a very chiseled look while also helping to add some warmth and dimension to my porcelain complexion. The reason I love the blush and highlight above so much is because not only do they compliment my skin tone very well, but they also have serious staying power which is sometimes hard to find in blushes and other cheek products. Both of these products are on the high end spectrum in makeup, so feel free to try and find a more affordable version from the drugstore! If you're interested though, the Hourglass Cosmetics blush can be found here, and theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer highlight can be found here.

This eyeshadow palette is so amazing that I had to give it its own photo to truly showcase its beauty! 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is hands down one of the best palettes on the market at the moment and is worth every penny! (Shoutout to Jill from @disneygirlbeauty on IG for gifting me this BOMB palette!)

There's multiple reasons why I chose to include this palette in this post instead of the many others that I have. 

1. The shadows themselves are so buttery and blend like a dream! 

2. The range of colors is neutral enough for you to do a simple, neutral eye, but different enough for you to add in a fun pop of color at the same time. It also has a gorgeous array of mattes and shimmers, so there's really nothing for you not to love about this palette!

3. These shadows stay in place and don't crease, so that's a HUGE reason as to why you would want to use shadows like these when you're wearing makeup for a prolonged amount of time.

If you've seen me post pictures recently and you've asked about my eyeshadow, 9 times out of 10, I was wearing this palette.

You can find the palette here or here

Snow White Purse is from Danielle Nicole Handbags, available   here     Snow White Compact mirror was limited edition from Sephora and is unfortunately no longer sold. :(

Snow White Purse is from Danielle Nicole Handbags, available here 

Snow White Compact mirror was limited edition from Sephora and is unfortunately no longer sold. :(

Now that you've fought half the battle of applying the makeup using the right products, you're going to want to help ensure you keep yourself looking fresh throughout the day. I like to keep a few certain products with me in my purse for quick touchups in between eating and all the smiling!

I keep my lipstick and eyeliner in my purse in case for some reason either of them needs to be touched up. I typically only need to touch up my lipstick once a day if I'm careful when eating and I only ever really need to touch up my eyeliner if my eyes get too watery. Where I wear a pretty bold wing, sometimes the fact that my sensitive eyes get irritated by any number of things causes my wing to fade slightly. This typically isn't an issue though-- more so just a precautionary measure. No one wants to lose half a wing then only tilt one side of your face to the camera. LOL! I also like to keep a small compact mirror handy as well for obvious reasons. Gotta make sure you look Insta-Ready at all times!

I love keeping a lip balm in my purse in case I do decide to wipe off my lipstick but still want to have a shine on my lips. I am OBSESSED with the lip balms from Blue Fairy Body Shop! They come in the yummiest flavors and whimsically inspired names! My favorite of the moment is Pineapple Float. YUM! What's also really cool about Blue Fairy is that it's a small business ran by loving people, so when you get products from them, you can see all the love they put into creating them!

You can find these balms and other fun bath and body products here! If you want, use code STYLEDBYMAGIC for 10% off any purchase!

Probably the most important things I include in my purse to help with touch ups is some oil blotting papers and setting spray! I mentioned earlier that I have oily skin, so it is crucial that I have something to help absorb some of the excess oil and shine. These ones from ELF are only $1, but seriously make all the difference in how my makeup wears and holds up throughout the day.

I keep a mini of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray in my purse as well so that I can mist a little on when I'm feeling hot (it's a wonderful pick me up) or when I feel my makeup may be needing a little reinforcement to stay in place!

You can find the oil blotting papers at most drug stores and you can find the setting spray here!

I hope that this has given y'all an idea of what you should look for when makeup shopping in preparation for your next day at Disney! I would love to hear what products you swear by below in the comments! Is there anything I must try?!

Thanks so much for reading! 



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