Wonderland Dapper Disney Bound

Wonderland Dapper Disney Bound

When Abby and I started planning our next trip together, we knew we wanted to do a fun Disney Bound together. We both were so excited for Flower and Garden, so when it came to thinking of who to Disney Bound as, characters from Alice in Wonderland were a no brainer! We began working on dress ideas with Frances (Fran) Fowlkes of Fairy God Mom Fashion and had so much fun falling down the rabbit hole when it came to designing these step by step with Fran! She was such a joy to work with and truly brought our ideas to life!

With Dapper Day fast approaching, I highly suggest getting a dress from Fran! You will not be disappointed! Even if you're not going to Dapper Day, it is still so fun to channel your favorite characters when dressing for the parks!

When I was designing my dress out with Fran, I wanted to spare no expense in creativity to truly encompass Alice's look. I loved mixing and matching fun Wonderland prints to give it a very different twist. When I saw the finished product, I truly felt Alice herself would approve of my ensemble. For my actual dress, we went with a pretty, blue Alice and Friends silhouette fabric with pleats at the neck line that not only looked classic, but kept me cool as well from the Florida heat. The funnest part in designing this dress came when I asked Fran if we could create an pinafore to wear over my dress like Alice does. It was her first time creating something like this, but she took the challenge with all her muchness and went above and beyond! The fabric we used for the pinafore was filled with details and aspects from the world of Wonderland. If you look closely, you can see the White Rabbit, "Drink Me" bottles, dialogue from the book, and other cute characters and details. It was such a cool fabric to use and I feel this piece made the look complete! 

Alice wears a ribbon in her hair, so I also wanted to incorporate a headband of some sort, so when I got my dress in, I thought it would be a nice way to continue the pattern mixing. I went for a black and white stripped headband from Rarity by Casey and it was just the needed accessory my hair needed to mirror Alice's ribbon. I was already obsessed with all my headbands from Casey, so it was such a sweet thing to get to wear one with this look! I wear her headbands all the time, y'all! 

For my shoes, I wanted to go for something that gave the vibe of Mary Jane's, but was also modernized and trendy, so when I found these pointed, strappy Christian Siriano ballet flats from Payless, I knew they would be the perfect shoe to add some pizazz and character to my version of Alice.

Alice is such a wildflower. She's quirky, a dreamer, and completely different from the clothes she wears-- the clothes society wants a girl like her to wear, so I really wanted to take a different take on her look and seeing this look come together and seeing the pictures from it, I was so happy with how it turned out! It is SO Alice and I just love that. It's really quite fun to take classic characters and give them your own special spin and with the shoes I chose and the fabric we used for the dresses, I feel I totally made this Alice Bound my own!

I had so much fun adding detailed accessories to my look and I started with some layered necklaces! I HAD to wear this pocket watch necklace from Hot Topic (similar here)! It was the perfect piece for this and I chose to add some shorter chokers with it to make is a little more trendy. I found my chokers at Target (similar here), but they are literally everywhere right now! Check Forever 21 if you are looking for some cheap ones!

Since I was the one who wanted to bring these characters to life, I gifted Abby with some accessories fit for the Red Queen herself! I stumbled upon this choker quite a while ago, so it's no longer available but Hot Topic is always getting Disney merch in and they still have several Red Queen inspired pieces for sale (ON CLEARANCE TOO) if you check their site! Her bag she's holding was also a lucky Marshall's find! This Betsey Johnson backpack HAD to have been inspired by the infamous Bloody Red Queen, so when I saw it, I knew it would go with Abby's dress so well! It also makes a fun backpack for any Disney outfit, so it was such a fun and useful thing to get for Abby! Lord knows we need all the bags to hold our many outfit changes! LOL. Even though Abby's dress didn't have a pinafore like mine to bring in the pattern mixing, her backpack and headband from Rarity by Casey kept the theme of pattern mixing between the two of us going! After all, the Red Queen's dress itself is full of mixed patterns! Always taking inspiration from the characters classic outfits!

Abby's dress was in the same cut as mine and flattered her so well! I thought she looked so so cute in her outfit! I die for that red bow sash! Her skirt depicts the Queen ordering her cards to paint the roses red all while the Cheshire Cats looks on amusingly.  It was such a whimsical fabric and drove home the Red Queen look! Seeing Abby standing in the United Kingdom pavilion garden was such a cool thing to see. After our weeks of planning these outfits, finding the perfect accessories, and quick changing in the bathroom stalls of Disney, seeing her standing there made it all worth it! She looked as beautiful as a red painted rose!

We loved getting into character, but when it comes down to it, Abby and I couldn't give each other mean looks if we tried! We pulled off our characters for the photos though and it's so fun flipping through these looking at all the comical and dramatic poses we did to emulate our respective characters. 

Abby and I both agreed that these were the funnest outfits to wear and I kinda want to wear them again in the future with her and troll all the people in the world showcase while in character! HAHA! 

Fran, THANK YOU for being such an integral part to making these photos happen! These dresses were everything we wanted and you truly are a Fairy God Mom when it comes to dresses and making dreams come true!

Abby, thank you so much for falling down the rabbit hole with me! There's no one else I'd rather play in Wonderland with.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think theres a date I'm late for. ;)



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