Cruising in Style - Cars 3 Disney Bound

Cruising in Style - Cars 3 Disney Bound

With Cars 3 racing into theaters on this Friday (June 16th),what better way to celebrate McQueen and the gang than putting on our best vintage dress and channeling their winning style?!

I got together with my best gal pals and hit the streets of Radiator Springs in Disneyland to strut our stuff in some pieces from Unique Vintage! Their line of clothing was so perfect for channeling our favorite Cars characters! The vintage design of their clothing lent itself so well to the vibes of Route 66! Much like how Radiator Springs was brought back to life, I think these vintage inspired pieces from days past bring new life to our Disney Bounds!

Going with the "Flo" 

When I saw this darling 1950's style swing dress from Unique Vintage, my mind immediately raced through the possibilities of how I could style it. It was a no-brainer that Flo would be perfect for it! Not only did this dress give me retro drive-in, sock hop vibes that made for KA-CHOW worthy twirling, but when paired with the right light pink and mint accessories I felt like the total hot rod that Flo is! Since Flo's serves some yummy milkshakes for all the visitors of Radiator Springs, I thought it would be super fun to get my kicks in these gelato flats (looking at you Luigi and Guido!) I crossed the finish line of my look off with a neck scarf and hair scarf to tie the 1950s look together! Wearing the mint hair scarf was truly the winning piece when it came to completing Flo's color scheme. Going with the 1950s style was just too perfect because Flo herself is a 1950s show car. I just love when little details of a look come together perfectly.


Gettin' Our Kicks

The best thing about this day was getting to cruise around with my girls! They all did amazing jobs channeling the cars we all "route" for!

Abby channeled the hippie van Fillmore in her floral and earthy inspired pieces

Britt was Doc Hudson in her classic, clean cut pieces

Sara struck us like Lightning as McQueen

and Jill brought a new edge as Jackson Storm (the much anticipated and force to be reckoned with rival of McQueen!)

Who will come out as the winner?? Find out by getting tickets to see Cars 3 when it races into theaters THIS FRIDAY, June 16th! 

Getting to dress as Flo has been one of my favorite looks to date! I am already hooked on Unique Vintage and can't wait to get some more pieces to bring some retro flair to some Disney looks! The possibilities are endless with a lot of their pieces! They even have a Disney Bound specific set of products to take some of the guess work out of planning your Disney Bound!

I want to thank all my friends involved for a day of some fun and smiles! Be sure to give them all a follow for some more daily magic and shots from this day!

Be sure to check out Sara's Post on her Lightning McQueen look here!

Many thanks to Leo De la O from The Main Street Press for documenting our race day in Radiator Springs! This magic was captured because of you-- THANK YOU!

Special thanks to the people of Disney Style and Unique Vintage for bringing so much excitement to this day by supporting our dreams and to UV for providing the dresses!



Check out Disney Style's article on our bounds here!

Shop the Unique Vintage line of clothing here!

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