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Y’all know I love a good theme and OtterBox is back at it with the perfectly themed cases and this time they’ve taken inspiration from the 90s! This line of cases fully embraces the colors, patterns, and vibe of my birth decade and it feels so nostalgic yet refreshing at the same time! As if these cases didn’t already sound rad enough, Mickey and his pals make these cases extra magical and I am so excited to show off these Retro Disney cases and Extend My Style in the process!

OtterBox so kindly sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own!


Talk to the hand…or in this case— talk to the case!!! (See what I did there?) These cases are aptly named Rad Mickey, Rad Friends, and Rad Minnie and I’m quite literally obsessed with the way they incorporated so many graphic 90s trends! So much so that if you look closely at my nails, you’ll notice that I had them done to match the cases! Shoutout to Hi Society Polish for always giving me super fly nails! That’s just the beginning of how I used these cases to inspire the rest of my throwback outfit though!

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We all probably remember the staples and iconic trends of the 90s! —I’m talking all the holographic, color blocking, pattern mixing, neon overload goodness! Lucky for us, these trends are making their comeback in fashion! Word on the street is that Target has all your 90s fashion cravings for the low low and that’s exactly where I got this entire outfit! From the moment I saw these cases, I knew these fresh holographic sneakers would be a shoe-in for this outfit! In fact, these shoes were what I built my entire outfit on and I’m so stoked to have these!

To complete this look and really drive home that I’m a 90s Baby to my core, I styled some acid wash jeans with a fuzzy lilac leopard sweater tied around the waist and topped it off with a striped crop top! What really made this look all that and a bag of chips was the addition of some tattoo chokers (THIS IS THE MOST 90s thing ever to me and I’m thriving wearing these!), some heart earrings, a color blocked mini backpack to hold everything, and some pom pom ears to keep that bomb style going!

I mentioned in my last post how impressed I’ve been with Target lately! I loved being able to source an entire outfit from one place and it’s like SO DOPE that I was able to save a bunch of coin in the process!


I really loved styling this outfit around these cases and always love having a case to match all my outfits! OtterBox makes such quality products and I proudly keep one on my phone at all times! They are constantly coming out with new, mad cool designs and I can’t wait to see what case inspires my next outfit!

Will you guys be buying any of these cases?

Until next time, homeslices!


p.s. I hope you enjoyed all the 90s slang references in this post! I got such a giggle out of doing it!


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