Soaring Roaring 20s | Fall Dapper Day 2018

All photography provided by    Faison Anne Photography

All photography provided by Faison Anne Photography

Another Dapper Day at Walt Disney World has come and gone, but this is really one for the books! I always have the best time stepping out in style with dapper fashion and Disney enthusiasts, but this day is one I want to keep reliving because I was so truly blown away by everyone’s outfits and more importantly kindness. It is always such a sweet thing to see old friends and meet new ones at Dapper Day and it is so lovely to me that our mutual love for something bonds us and brings us together! Thankfully, I have this lil’ blog here to keep this magical memories alive forever since I can’t wear this outfit everyday! (If I could, I would! That’s how much I loved this year’s outfit!)

For Fall 2018 Dapper Day, I always try to push myself to come up with something creative but also something that has a lot of meaning to me.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE Dumbo and with all the hype of the new movie coming out, I figured it was the perfect time to show my love for him through the best way I know how— style.

Instead of my normal comfort zone of 50s style, I decided to throw it back to the Roaring 20s for mine and Dylan’s Dumbo and Timothy Mouse Dapper Disneybounds! This was a decision that immediately excited me because I felt it fit Dumbo so perfectly what with all the (magic) feathers, beautiful beadwork that resembles circus costumes, and of course it seems that the new Dumbo movie is set in this era as well!


What really set the tone for my outfit perfectly was the hair! I really wanted to cover all my bases when it came to authentic 20s style and I know I can always trust my friend and hair stylist Mychael Peter Humphries of Atelier Salon in Orlando to give me the perfect faux bob! He’s worked with me on many projects and he ALWAYS exceeds my expectations!

The details of an outfit are always what make it for me— I’m sure you all can agree! The intricate beading on my grey dress, paired with my jeweled feather headpiece (what I referred to as Dumbo’s magic feather), and complimented with more feathers in the form of baos around my arms (Dumbo’s collar) made this one of my favorite and most dazzling Disneybounds ever!

Dylan’s was just as show stopping! Whereas my outfit was almost like what a trapeze artist would wear, I wanted to reimagine Timothy Mouse in an almost circus ring master fashion. Dylan’s top hat, red and gold parade vest, and feather bow tie detailing really put this over the (big) top!


Dapper Day for us is usually a pretty chill affair that involves lots of picture taking (as seen above and MANY HUGE thanks to one of my best friends, Faison, for creating such magical and beautiful photos! These are framers for sure!), corn dog nugget eating on the hub grass, and meeting lots of new friends, and doling out oodles of compliments to everyone for their stunning looks! This year, we were lucky to ride Dumbo several times and it just felt so special to me to be with Dylan in this moment in our outfits, celebrating this day. I truly love this occasion so much and I love that it brings so many people together.

I’m already dreaming up Spring 2019 Dapper Day, though I’m not sure how I’ll top this one.

Until next time…



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