Mickey (Style) Through the Decades

It’s no secret that I love showing my Disney Style but when it comes down who really inspires it all, Mickey Mouse is definitely my magical muse. 

Since we just celebrated 90 years for the mouse that started it all, I wanted to celebrate him the only way I know how— through style!

I took on quite the ambitious idea of doing Mickey Style Through the Decades as my way to pay tribute to the mouse and this was an idea brought to life by so much magic, inspiration, and help from my friend and photographer, Faison Anne, for this project.

I took a creative approach to each outfit taking inspiration from certain outfits Mickey has sported through the years and applying it to a certain decades trends, to more loosely inspired outfits, to Disney Bounds, to modern Mickey Style. I wanted to show all facets of style and Mickey’s ever evolving presence and impact on culture over the past 90 years from the 20s to NOW. 

This has been such a labor of love and it was an idea that really excited me from the start. I am so proud of it and I hope you enjoy it! I

Special thanks to Unique Vintage for so generously sending me pieces for the 20-60s outfits! This post is not sponsored by them but I am very thankful that they provided me with the pieces I requested to bring my style dreams to life!

Now let’s take it back to where it ALL began…


1920s- Steamboat Willie


In what is one of my more subtle outfits, is my interpretation of Mickey’s screen debut in the 1928 classic Steamboat Willie. I went for a true 1920s outfit that boasts a drop waist, color blocked dress that I felt mirrored Mickey’s color blocking and added the nautical touches of a boat wheel pin on my cloche sun hat and anchor brooch to the collar of my dress. I really loved this outfit and this would be a wonderful Dapper Day outfit for the next outing! The little details really make this outfit pop— even in black and white!

Shop the look:

Sun Hat

Boat Wheel Pin



Anchor & Boat Wheel Brooch



1930s- Red Car Trolley Mickey


In a show in Disney’s California Adventure that celebrates Walt’s journey to California is where I got this Disneybound inspiration for this 30s inspired outfit! This one was so fun to put together and I really loved finding the perfect pieces to feminize this outfit while still keeping it pretty darn close to what Mickey actually wears! If you’ve seen this show, then you’ll definitely appreciate the attention to detail in this outfit! I had to use my hands to add ears though! Haha!

Here’s to having a suitcase and a dream!

Shop the look:

Newsboy Hat

Ladies Bowtie

Lilac Button-up

Suspender Pants

Oxford Heels


1940s- Fantasia Mickey/ Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Fantasia made its iconic debut in 1940 so it was a no-brainer that this decades outfit had to be inspired by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! I loved playing with luxurious feeling fabrics, like velvet and faux fur, for this outfit to channel Mickey’s robes and I even got a little crafty by creating my own sorcerer’s hat by adding some white felt moon and stars to a royal blue cloche hat with some good ole’ hot glue.

I have a feeling Yensid would approve of this outift!

Shop the look:

Cloche Hat

Faux Fur Shrug

(Similar) Velvet Dress

Mary Jane Pumps


1950s- Mouseketeer Mickey, Pluto Skirt


Welcome to the 50s!!— where we don’t do poodle skirts, but Pluto skirts! This outfit itself was my first idea that came to mind when I was conceptualizing this post and the one that really got my inspired to make sure I saw it through. I always try to find creative ways to put spin on old trends with a dash of Disney magic, so when the idea of a Pluto skirt hit me— I got SO excited. The skirt itself is from Unique Vintage, along with the rest of the outfit, but I took it upon myself to make Pluto out of felt, use ribbon for a leash, and an old Mickey glove patch to be holding the leash. I loved everything about this outfit— it’s probably one of my favorite DIYs I’ve ever done and it has me itching to do more. This look is made complete with my classic Mickey ear hat and some saddle shoes. Oh BOY!

Shop the look:

Mickey Ear Hat

Black Keynote Top

(Similar) Red Swing Skirt

Saddle Shoes

IMG_1990 2.JPG

1960s- Tuxedo Mickey

IMG_1985 2.JPG
IMG_1988 2.JPG
IMG_1989 2.JPG

When I saw this flare dress with oversized red bow on it, I immediately got Tuxedo Mickey vibes. I love the pops of color in this look of his and just how classic it is to see him in it! I took the liberty of having yellow knee socks instead of of the yellow bowtie. I felt that even with that creative decision that there was no mistaking who my inspiration for this outfit was. To keep it fun, but still simple I added my plain black ears, Mickey Mitts, and some patent leather Mary Janes! Adding these fun little details drove the 60s trends home and also topped it off with just the right amont of literal Mickey details.

I’m ready for my Meet and Greet with the Main Mouse! ;)

Shop the look:

(Ears are not currently available)

Bow Dress

Mickey Mitts

Knee Socks

Patent Leather Mary Janes


1970s- Roller Rink Mickey


The 70s were far-out in their love for ringer tees and roller rinks so putting together an outfit that featured Mickey paired with these trends was GROOVY. Considering I don’t know how to skate at all (LOL), this was one of the funnest looks to shoot! I actually got this tee a few months ago from Forever21 and that goes to prove that trends always come back around! I also thought this was a perfect time to start transitioning my outfits from less Disneybound to just overall Mickey Style since it was about this time that you would start seeing more and more Disney branded merch being sold.

Peace out to the decade and on to the next!

Shop the look:


(Similar) Ringer Tee

Dolphin Hem Shorts

Knee Socks

Roller Skates


1980s- Rubiks Cube Mickey (HAHAHAHAHA)


The 80s were full of iconic trends like bright colors, oversized pant suits and sweaters, and big bows so putting this look together was easy for me sine my closet already had most of these things. What can I say— I really appreciate the 80s! The only thing that I needed to make this outfit everything I wanted it to be was a vintage Disney sweater. I always like to hit up Poshmark when I’m looking for anything Disney vintage! I scored big when I came across this sweater that not only featured our fave pals but it also made me look like a Rubik’s Cube, and honestly, what’s more 80s than that?!

Fun Fact: You may notice that Donald Duck isn’t featured on this sweater and Mickey is featured twice!! That’s because in the 80s, Donald merch was outselling Mickey merch so they removed him for a time! Thanks to my friend Kristyne for that tidbit of knowledge!


1990s- Wicked Cool Mickey

IMG_1978 2.JPG
IMG_1979 2.JPG

I’m a 90s baby through and through and the eccentric trends of colorful crop tops, bucket hats, and holographic everything still gets me nostalgic to this day. Some of may know the photo of Brittney Spears at Walt Disney World where she’s sporting a bucket hat, crop top, and a handful of Disney shopping bags bursting with plush characters— that photo was my inspo for this outfit. Hahaha.


Let me know now if I nailed it!  


Modern Mickey Style


Since Mickey started his journey to becoming a global icon in the 20s, he’s went on to win the hearts of millions and inspire people in all aspects of life and culture— including fashion. Today, the amount of pieces of clothing you can find Mickey Mouse on is ENDLESS. It’s so amazing to me and super fun that I can always seem to find a new collab with a brand featuring Disney. For Mickey’s 90th, dozens and dozens of brands and fashion houses presented lines inspired by and for Mickey Mouse to wish him their best. My favorite pieces to come out of those collabs were the Levi’s collection and the Shop Harvey’s line. These jeans and bag are my modern Mickey staples and I love adding that magic to my outfits.


NINE outfits later and I still don’t think I can express how much I love the Mouse.  


This has been my most ambitious post yet and I am so proud that I was able to pull something together that I’m truly proud of. 


I so hope you enjoyed this post and all the photos. Again, HUGE thank you to Faison for taking these. 


Until next time... 




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