Celebration Day | My Perfect Day in Celebration, FL

All photography by    Phillip Kelly

All photography by Phillip Kelly

Since moving to Celebration, FL a little over a year and a half ago, Dylan and I have taken every chance to take advantage of the quaint town we live in. I wanted to share what my perfect day in Celebration looks like so I’ll be sharing with you my favorite spots! Celebration is truly an idyllic place to live with its quiet streets, quaint shops, yummy restaurants, beautiful Florida scenery and wildlife, and ample bike paths!

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AND Since getting Pascal, our new furry little addition, it’s become even more of hangout for us to grab coffee, indulge in my favorite— macarons, and even treat Pascal to a gourmet treat of his own! We love taking Pascal for walks here to socialize and we love getting to ride bikes to and from our apartment. It really is such a wonderful place to live and I’m so glad we picked to live here when we made our big move from New Hampshire.


I had been wanting a bike since the day we moved here and I recently got one thanks to Schwinn’s generosity! I love that they have so many options to choose from. They are such a classic and iconic brand and I even grew up learning to ride on a Schwinn bike! The one I selected perfectly fits my needs, personality, and style. I, of course, wanted a striking red bike with vintage flair. I just love the look of vintage bikes and the cruiser I have is perfect for my rides on Celebration’s paved and wooden bike paths. Even better is that I have a cute little removable basket to hold all of my purchases and Pascal’s water bottle. I can’t wait to take my bike down to the weekly Saturday farmer’s market and use my basket as my shopping bag! Living in an area where biking is so convenient is a major plus for us and I’m so so excited to get even more use out of it in the coming months.


I think we all know that bike’s are an iconic gift to give someone for the holiday’s, so if you’re last minute Christmas shopping, you can shop for a bike here!

Thanks so much to Schwinn for providing me a bike!


When biking to Celebration, my first stop is always Starbucks for my favorite latte with toffee nut! Along with being eco-friendly with biking, I also like to use my reusable cold cup that has my IG handle from @therachelestplaceonearth. Her customizations make bringing your own cup even more fun! Not to brag or anything, but I think the Celebration Starbucks is the cutest, quaintest Starbucks ever. I love coming here and sitting on the patio and just enjoying sunny Florida days. I love even more now that I can bring Pascal along with me!

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P.S. This pup isn’t Pascal!! It’s actually his brother,  Meeko !! Such a good boy sitting for his treat!

P.S. This pup isn’t Pascal!! It’s actually his brother, Meeko!! Such a good boy sitting for his treat!

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Being a new dog owner is basically like having a child and what’s the funnest thing about having a kid?? Why shopping for them, of course! LOL! We have a local Woof Gang Bakery in downtown Celebration and I now use any excuse I can to treat Pascal to a gourmet treat or get him some type of new accessory. They have just about everything we would need for him and it’s so fun to pop in if even just to visit the staff and let them get their puppy snuggles in!


When it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth, Le Macaron is always a must stop for me. They have a plethora of french pastries and sorbet to choose from, but I always keep it classic with a sampling of my favorite macarons! They make the perfct treat to have with my latte! I just love that I’m able to pop everything into my bike basket too! There’s just something so cute about having a basket on your bike and it really does make everything so much easier when biking around! It’ll be perfect for holding fresh produce and flowers when I hit up the Farmer’s Market too!











One of my favorite things to do recently since Celebration is so dog friendly is to bring Pascal for a walk with our friends Phillip and Kayla They own Meeko (Pascal’s brother) and they so kindly let him be a model for some of these pics! I love the photo with his little tongue sticking out. He wears a blue collar and harness, whereas Pascal wears a red collar and black harness. Honestly, without that, it would be hard for me to tell them apart! Ha!


We have so many reasons to spend time in Celebration and having my bike has made it even more fun! Celebration is such a bike accessible town and SO dog friendly. It’s truly such an awesome community to be a part of and I look forward to growing here with Pascal and Dylan.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these sweet pics from my perfect Celebration day! <3

I’ll be sure to share more of my favorite spots over the next month!

Until next time…



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