Dumbo DIY- VHS Purse

Dumbo DIY- VHS Purse

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Hello, beautiful friends! Today I'm bringing you something I had been wanting to do for a while, but was waiting for just the right time to do BUT the time is now!


Today, I'm going to show you how to make your own very VHS novelty purse! If you've been following me for a while, then you know that purses, especially novelty ones, are my WEAKNESS! I love the sweet sass and quirkiness they bring to an outfit. And let's be real with this-- nothing is more novelty than the VHS tape holders of our childhood past! Making this was the perfect mix of happiness and nostalgia and it was pretty easy and oh so inexpensive to make! 

What's even more exciting about this post is that I've teamed up with my friend Hailee, who runs the blog Bounding on a Budget, to show you BOTH of our takes on how to make a purse out of a VHS! We realized we were both working on a post on how to make one of these and decided to come together to mutually support each other and to bring two different versions to the table! You can check out her post here!

Hailee rocking her version where she used an old "The Lion King" VHS tape case!

Hailee rocking her version where she used an old "The Lion King" VHS tape case!

Without further ado, lets SOAR into it!

I kept this as simple as possible to save on cost and to make it a no fuss DIY. This is most certainly a novelty item and probably won't work for everyday use, but it is a fun accessory for a day of light, ocassional wear.

Here's what you'll need:

- VHS Tape (I always see tons of these at Goodwill and yard sales! Heck, you may still even have some yourself!)

- scissors

- X-acto Knife (not pictured because I originally thought a hole punch would do the trick, but the knife worked better)

- hot glue gun and sticks

- pliers (not pictured)

- felt (your color preference)

- metal rings 

- purse strap




Once you have all of your supplies, you can take the X-acto knife and carve out 4 holes, two on the outer corners of the BACK half of the VHS. This makes it so the front of the VHS is what opens. Try not to make the holes too big and keep them centered on the edge of the case.

You'll then want to take pliers and pull apart your 2 metal rings so you can loop them through the holes. Depending on your rings and their bend-ability, you may not have to use them to pull the rings apart. Mine were very stiff and took a lot of effort to pull apart and put back together, which is why you'll notice in the pictures below that I didn't close them back. I instead opted to make them a little more secure by putting some hot glue in the holes and around the ring. I wore this to the park for over 5 hours and it didn't come loose once.

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Next, I decided to use some pieces of felt, cut to size, to line the inner part of the case. I did this to reduce noise of the items moving around inside of the VHS case and to give it a more finished look. I simply hot glued them in place and over the corners that had the rings looped through.

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IMG_6209 3.JPG
IMG_6207 3.JPG

Once you've glued the felt down, all that's really left to do is hook on the strap. There's many choices you have when it comes to this... You could use ribbon, a chain, an old strap from another purse-- GET CREATIVE and do whatever you have on hand to save money-- or you could go my route and buy a pre-made strap from Jo-ann's Fabric for under $8!

By using everyday craft products I already had on hand and cutting down on frills by keeping this simple, I was able to convert this VHS into a simple purse for under $15!


This doesn't hold a crazy amount of things, but it fits just about as much as any other clutch type purse would! I was able to fit my lipstick, comb, a few cards, and a phone in this. If you don't want to keep your phone in it, then I was able to fit my card holder in it as well!


I had so much fun making this and will definitely convert a few more whenever I need something a little fun to add to an outfit! I'm so happy I got to use this Dumbo one though that my dear friend Alex gave me! It makes it all the more special and magical!

Hope to see you guys create your own! If you do, be sure to tag Hailee and I so we can see your take on this fun DIY!

Until next time...



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Park Day Essentials | Sponsored by OtterBox

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