Park Day Essentials | Sponsored by OtterBox

Park Day Essentials | Sponsored by OtterBox


If there's one thing I've learned after my many trips as a non-local and park days as a current local is that you always want to come to the parks prepared and that means always having some things on hand in your backpack! Even now as a local, you will hardly ever catch me coming to the parks without a backpack. They keep my hands free to enjoy snacks, snap pics, and it just provides more room to hold all my things. (I have a lot of things. LOL)

I really wanted to do this post to share the things I've learned about doing Disney for a long day or trip. When coming to Disney, you don't want to let the magic be disrupted just because you forgot something or need something to make your day more comfortable and enjoyable. 

I'll be talking about all the things that have worked for me and I hope they are helpful for you when it comes to packing your bag for a day at Disney!

NOTE: *SOME* of the items in this post were sent or given to me. Please trust that I would never recommend any products that I don't love and use myself. I take so much pride in giving you guys recommendations I would give my own family. <3

All Photography in this post was provided by Faison Anne. Get in touch with her here if you would like to book a shoot.


Here's everything I pack on a day-to-day basis:




The backpack is just as important as the contents! You want one that is a good size for your needs, is durable, and will sit comfortably on your shoulders. Bonus points if it's cute! This one from Vera Bradley has quickly become my new favorite and go-to for park days and meets all that criteria! It's denim material and color make it great to wear with most things in my wardrobe and it's also sturdy, durable, and won't show stains easily! It fits more than I thought it would, which made me really happy! It also has super thick straps so you won't feels a strain on your neck and shoulders! Perhaps what I love most about this backpack is that I was able to customize it with a little saying of mine "Magic Seeker." The Vera Bradley store in Disney Springs can do embroidery right in store and this definitely made my backpack more magical and special to me!


Rain Jacket, Poncho, Umbrella (Your preference):

In Florida, especially in the summer months, it's crucial to have some sort of rain gear with you at all times! I personally prefer a rain jacket like this one because it keeps my hands free unlike when you have an umbrella. The one pictured above of mine is loose enough that I'm able to keep my backpack on while wearing it which is great because it protects my backpack from getting wet as well.




After the rain comes the sun. When it isn't raining, it is VERY sunny in Florida, so sunglasses are a must! This is also a another fun part of accessorizing my outfit, so don't be afraid to rock a fun pair like these ones! I love these daisy shaped ones for their shape and quirkiness! They look cute in photos, but they also, most importantly, shade my eyes from the sun so I don't have my eyes constantly squinting. 

Water Bottle:

Hydration is so important. I can't stress that enough. Coming to Disney, especially in the summer months, means it's going to be VERY VERY hot and humid and your body is going to do its best to keep you cool by sweating A TON. It's not pretty, but it will be even worse if you aren't drinking water to replenish your body. Disney food stations will always provide you with tap water for free, but you will get a new plastic or paper cup every time. Even though Disney does an excellent job of recycling, I think it's still a good idea to bring your own reusable bottle. This one is insulated and keeps my water ICE COLD for hours.  I've completely stopped drinking pop (soda, coke, LOL), so drinking water is something I've come to really put a lot of effort in and this water bottle makes it so easy. You can always get refills at most restaurants, food stations, or water fountains-- EVEN STARBUCKS! The point is-- STAY HYDRATED!


Hair Tools (comb & scrunchie):

If you're anything like me, you want to try and keep yourself looking as fresh and polished as you possibly can in a theme park. Whether you're just here with you family and IG worthy photos aren’t  your priority, you'll still probably be making memories captured on film and having the ability to comb your hair after getting off a ride like Big Thunder Mountain is sooooo nice! I'm super tender-headed so I literally never go ANYWHERE without my comb to keep the tats and tangles at bay. I also always have on my wrist my trusty Rarity by Casey scrunchie! She makes these by hand, with love, and I will NOT go on a ride without being able to put my hair in a low pony tail to keep it from flying around everywhere! I love hers so much because they are secure, but they don't leave an unsightly crease in my hair for when I take my hair down after the ride or for photos! It's also just nice to have one if you just need to get your hot hair off your neck.



This is a recent addition to my arsenal, but MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED! After seeing tons of my Disney friends have this handheld fan (available in 3 colors) and hearing them rave about it, I figured I needed to get one too! I didn't realize how much of a difference this little thing could make, but it is AWESOME! With 3 speeds, USB charging capability, and the ability to fold up for storage, it is so nice to have and it really is just such a nice comfort luxury to have when you're making your way through a scorching park packed with people or waiting in a line with stagnant air. 

Makeup Setting Spray: 

Y'all always ask me how I keep my makeup looking good and the truth is that it doesn't always stay looking perfect, but having a good setting spray definitely helps with the wear and longevity of my makeup that day. No makeup is going to stay looking flawless in 90-100 degree weather, but I just try to minimize the activity that makes my makeup melt off the fastest. Using my fan to keep sweat on my face at bay and making sure I use a good spray does WONDERS! My favorite is the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray. It works well with my oily skin and keeps my makeup in place! If you want to know more about my makeup and what products I use, check out THIS POST!


Fuel Rod:

An extra, rechargeable phone battery is a necessity! Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone die JUST as you're getting ready to snap that pic you were really excited about! One of the best investments I made was buying a Fuel Rod from one of the many stations throughout Disney property.  You pay a one-time $30 fee and you get a fully charged battery, a power cord, and several different attachments that will fit most standard and popular phones. You get infinite and unlimited swaps of a fully charged battery so YES, I would say this is something everyone needs with them when coming to the parks! Even cooler, this will also charge the fan I mentioned above so you don't have to worry about your fan dying at the parks either!

ID/ Wallet/ Passholder:

When coming to the parks, I don't want to be weighed down by my normal, bulkier wallet. A great fix I've found for this is bring a smaller ID holder like this one that holds my ID, Annual Pass, a few essential bank cards, and some cash. I keep a lanyard attached to it in case I want to wear it around my neck! This makes getting to the things you need to make purchases so much easier!


Camera's aren't essentially important, especially since phones can typically get the kind of photo you're wanting, but if you're like me and you want to get a really nice shot for a blog post, a family photo to be framed, or even just of the scenery, a camera is nice to have. I included mine in this post as it is typically does come with me on most park days and because so many of you are always asking what camera I use. I'm no professional, so I just a pretty basic, user friendly camera. It does what I need and provides a crisper photo than a phone can. Shop the next generation of my camera here.


Phone & Phone Case:

I think it's safe to say that most of us don't go anywhere without a cellphone anymore. It's our way of communicating and sharing the things we are currently doing and as someone who uses social media a lot to connect with all of you, my phone is very important. What's even more important is making sure it is protected. Between the castle photos, selfies with friends, Insta-storying, and IG posting, my phone goes through a lot of wear. To keep my phone safe (and cute) I use my OtterBox cases to show my personality, style, and to ensure that is stays crack free through rides and occasional drops. This Cinderella Castle case, sold exclusively on Disney property, is the perfect souvenir to take home! Not only is it useful, but it will bring the magic with you wherever you go! OtterBox also has other Disney cases available on their site, so check those out if you're in need of a new case and aren't coming to the parks anytime soon!  


Not pictured, but always with me:

Sunscreen: because DUH. LOL! 

Lipstick: Between eating, laughing, and smiling, you'll want to be able to touch up your lips so definitely bring your lippie of the day with you. I'm wearing Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored.

Band-aides: Disney First Aid will provide you with band-aides for any cuts, scrapes, or blisters. I often just stock pile the ones they give me in my bag for future use.


With all of these tips and knowledge in tow, I hope your next trip to the park will run smoothly by having some, or all, of these things with you! 

If there's something you always bring that I didn't mention, I would love for you to share with me! Always looking to make all my park days full of magic and without any stress or worry!

Until next time...



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