Fun in the Sun | Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

Fun in the Sun | Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

All photos taken by   Faison Anne Photography

All photos taken by Faison Anne Photography

Summer is fast approaching here in Florida...heck, it's already hot here! BUT, with summer coming, I know that will mean lots of you will be making your way here for vacations to the Most Magical Place on Earth! I wanted to get ahead of the game a little so I could give you guys the deets on what all the Disney water parks have to offer!

Summer in Florida can be almost unbearable! With temperatures getting well into the 90's and exceeding over 100 degrees on some days, staying cool is ESSENTIAL! In the summer, you won't find me in one of the normal parks between the hours of 11-5. It's just tooooo hot and since I live here, I have the luxury of just choosing to stay home until the sun starts setting. I know it's not quite that easy for visitors coming the area, so I wanted to be able to recommend a compromise that would mean you'd still get to experience the magic of a Disney park, have fun, and stay cooler while doing it!

The Disney water parks are a perfect compromise for that! 


I ventured out to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon with some of my best pals Walter, Faison, and Kristyne to enjoy a day in the water and sun all for the sake of being able to recommend some things for you guys! I know what you're thinking... tough gig right?? LOL!

All joking aside, I really did want to not only find out if going to a water park here is worth it, but also wanted to let you guys know my tips and tricks for doing a water park during your stay!

Let's DIVE in... (get it?)

How I recommend fitting a water park trip into your stay:

- Go to a water park on a hotter day of your trip!

 The best way to maximize your time efficiently if you are wanting to go to one of Disney's water parks is to look at the weather forecast for the time your trip will be taking place! I would recommend hitting one of the water parks on a hotter day! This will be good if you're wanting to avoid the stagnant heat at Magic Kingdom or the other parks.

- Get to the water park at opening!

The way I would choose to do a water park day would be to get there at opening, stay until 2ish, head back to your room to freshen up, then head to either Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom for the evening when the temps are cooling off with the sunset. Doing this will also probably help you miss the daily rain showers that happen in the summer mid-day. There's nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck at one of the traditional theme parks while it pours the rain!

With all that said and now that I've told you how I would do a plan a day at a water park, let's get to what I wore and what I packed for my day!

What I wore:


When it came to dressing for the Typhoon Lagoon, I wanted to keep practicality in mind, but also didn't want to sacrifice being cute! Haha! So, I thought about all the practical items I needed and started searching for ones that I liked! 

From head-to-toe I'm wearing:

- a sun hat to protect my scalp and face from the sun

(The one I wore gave me total Minnie Style vibes and will be a summer staple in and out of the water parks!)

- my signature sunnies to protect my eyes from glare

- this ADORABLE swim suit from Vera Bradley (top & bottom)

(Seeing this suit was love at first sight for me! I loved the cut of the top with the ruffly overlay, the off the shoulder detailing, and the pattern! It fit just what I was wanting! (Just so you know, all the Vera Bradley items in this post were provided for me, but trust that I would only wear and use things I LOVE and would honestly recommend!) ALSO, if you’re shopping at the Vera Bradley location in Disney Springs THIS WEEKEND (April 6-8), if you mention my posts you can get 15% off your total purchase! If you aren’t in the area but still want to shop, you can order via phone by calling their store!)

- a lightweight coverup to give some protection and coverage when not in the water 

- denim shorts to throw on when grabbing food, drinks, and other sweets

- flip flops


What I packed:




Comfort in any type of park is key, so I wanted to make sure I came prepared for anything and everything!

To carry all my things, I used my personalized beach tote! (ALL THE HEART EYES BC IT'S EMBROIDERED WITH "DINGLEHOPPER HAIR, DON'T CARE!")

The Vera Bradley located in Disney Springs can do on-site, same day embroidery on almost all of their stuff! I loved getting to customize my bag!

I put my drying off beach towel (not necessarily needed- Disney provides complimentary towels to guests), beach blanket, and portable speaker, that plugs into your phone to listen to your favorite tunes when lounging, all in the tote with room to spare!

I also brought a sand resistant, waterproof bag to hold things like money, my phone, and anything else you wanted to keep separate from a damp towel, etc. in my bag as well! (I got my "Chill Out” one from Walmart for $9) 

I had my sunscreen, battery operated fan, lip balm, keys, ID, bank cards, phone, fuel rod, and other miscellaneous things all kept together in here for easy grabbing! 

If you don’t have someone staying at your beach chairs at all times, I would recommend renting a locker to store any valuables while you play! 




After enjoying lots of slides with my girl Kristyne and the rest of the gang, snacking on popsicles, mini donuts, and having a TASTY chicken and rice bowl, I was sold on definitely coming to these water parks more! I'm really excited to hit up Blizzard Beach next!

I hope this post encourages you all to consider coming to one of them next time you visit Walt Disney World! 

Until next time...




(p.s. Enjoy this too-cute-for-words photo of Eloise on my beach blanket! She showed it off better than I ever could!)

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