Museum of Ice Cream | Miami Girls Trip Recap

Museum of Ice Cream | Miami Girls Trip Recap


Cue every Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias *swoon*, Will Smith, and LMFAO song that references Miami because that is the soundtrack to my FIRST EVER trip to Miami!

Growing up in small-town West Virginia meant that I didn't really travel a lot-- if ever. So now that I am an adult (kinda LOL) I like to take every chance possible to see new places! Since Florida is now my home, I figured it was time to see more of what this beautiful state has to offer!

I loaded up in a car with my friends Kristyne, Faison, Faison's two little's, Walter and Eloise, and set off for the Museum of Ice Cream Miami for its final weekend before moving on to their next location! It was a quick trip of only about a day and a half, but it didn't matter because we still packed in so much fun in a short amount of time!


Such an occasion calls for the perfect outfit! Can I get an AMEN?! I, of course, spared no attention to detail in curating the perfect outfit for the MOIC and if you've been following me for a bit, you know I've started a movement in my wardrobe called Picnic Chic (trademark pending ;).) I coined this term when I started noticing that gingham and classic, summer ready pieces were taking over my heart and my closet! I'm really big on shopping locally and discovering boutiques in the greater Orlando area and Winter Park, Florida is always one of my go-to places for boutique shopping! Since Picnic Chic had become my aesthetic, when I saw this cutie two-piece made with-- you guessed it-- pastel gingham material from The Impeccable Pig, I immediately swooned! I actually tried it on and wasn't sold at first because I was a little worried it was too revealing (it isn't). I don't typically wear things like this, but both Faison and Kristyne talked me into it and once I got home and paired it with things I already had, I was SOLD and SO excited to wear this to Miami!

This two-piece set is beautiful on its own, but I truly feel my accessories took this outfit to the next level! My picnic basket purse, also from a local Winter Park boutique called Foremapaired with these darling and whimsical ice cream shoes, my trusty boater hat, and these beautiful earrings that Faison let me borrow made me feel like an ICE CREAM QUEEN! 


The MOIC itself was such a different experience. Sure, I frequent the most Instagrammed place on earth on a weekly basis, but I had yet to visit the many installations opening up that were created solely for getting the perfect IG shot! You can bet that we were all in heaven wandering through the various ice cream themed rooms trying out the little sweet treats and scoping out the perfect angle for a good photo! We definitely joked the entire time that we wished we could pay more for an empty museum though! There are lots of people who come to see the MOIC, so I was not surprised to see it packed! Even still, we were able to get really creative with photos and you are able to take as much time as you want through each room! We spent about 3 hours in the museum itself, but time flies when you're having fun! Even Walter, who was being a typical 4 year old and bouncing off the walls, got in on the photo action and showed off his best blogger poses! (HE IS A STAR AND I LOVE HIM EVEN WHEN HE IS BEING ROTTEN LOL!)


As for the most memorable part of the trip, I have to say it was when we got back to our room at the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel, ordered room service with champagne, and just unwinded from a jam-packed day. I always enjoy little moments like this the most when the makeup has come off, the IG worthy outfits have been stripped in exchange for PJ's (or in Kirstyne's case one of Faison's comfy rompers because she forgot hers HAHA!), LIVE PD is on the TV, and we are all just enjoying each other's company and chatting about life. These people are my best friends. They always make for the best time. And that is what I will always remember about this trip to Miami-- them and how happy they make me. 


I also just want to brag on Faison for a bit. We took this trip on Mother's Day weekend and I was so excited to celebrate HER. I tell her all the time that she's like SuperMom. She is amazing with her kids and I don't know how she juggles it all. Aside from being an amazing mother and friend, she is ONE HECK of a talented photographer! She takes a good majority of my photos for paid campaigns and just everyday photos like these at the MOIC. She has a SUPER POWER of making even the most packed place look empty for your photos (see sprinkle pool photos above for proof!) and she can truly capture your best angles and personality. If you're looking for a photographer, I can't recommend her enough! Whatever your needs, she's your girl! You can contact her for shoots here or here.

I had such an awesome time in Miami and I'm looking forward to more travels with friends and making memories in the most unexpected ways. <3


Until next time...



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