5 Favorite People to Follow | Fab 5 Friday

5 Favorite People to Follow | Fab 5 Friday

Hi friends!

I'm here today to start a new series on my blog called Fab 5 Friday! (Say that 5 times fast!)

With this new segment, I plan to share some weekly roundups of new Disney Style items that are released, my personal favorite things, favorite people, -- the ideas and possibilities for this new series are endless and I already have several queued up to share in the coming Friday's!

To kick it off, I wanted to share my 5 Favorite People to follow on social media! I always love supporting my favorite bloggers and Instagrammers by commenting on their posts and showing my love for their content, spirit, style, and thoughts. However, I wanted to take that support a little further by making sure all of you reading this know that they are constant inspirations to me and I love supporting them!

Get ready to discover some new favorites of your own, because chances are if you love what I do, you're sure to love them too!

1.) Keiko Lynn


THIS GIRL. @keikolynn It's hard for me not to fangirl over her. Though she is my style goals and definitely everything she wears is something I would wear too, I admire far more about her than the clothes she wears. She is true to herself in every sense, she's open and owns who she is, speaks out passionately against things that matter, even if it is something that's not always popular to vocalize about, and she is just so effortlessly beautiful inside and out.

From her blog where she shares her beauty tips (I like to think she's my lipstick sister), outfits, and even a recent blog post touching on depression, to her Instagram that shows her daily life, I find more and more reasons to admire and support her everyday. 

If you're not yet sold on following her, then you should know she also loves Disney (she was born and raised in Florida!) and she shares some killer Disney Style! Really now-- what's not to love about her?! 

She knows the way to my heart with a good pop of red, a dash of vintage style, and thoughtful insights I always love reading. She is my daily inspiration and I'm always excited to see what she's sharing!

Follow Keiko on Instagram and check out/subscribe to her blog!


2.) Tanya K.O.


If there's a girl I would want to go hang out with just to style Disney Day outfits, it would be Tanya, A.K.A. @tikiroombby on Instagram! She sees Disney Style in the same way I do and uses it to not only express her love for Disney, but to showcase her individual style! She pairs things in fresh creative ways, proving that there's so much more to park style than just t-shirts and shorts!

Even when wearing a basic Disney tee, she has the ability to just make it look so effortlessly cool with the way she accessorizes with fun printed skirts, pants, shorts, jewelry, ears, purses, and colorful shoes. There's just so much to love about her feed and I am constantly saying "YAS GIRL" to my screen when I see a new post from her pop up! Hoping to get to meet her someday soon because I truly love everything she does and I have a feeling you will too!

Follow Tanya on Instagram!


3.) Tiffany Davis


If there was ever a person who could bring a smile to my face and some much needed color and creativity to my feed, then it is none other than @tifferently! Besides the fact that she creates the cutest works of food art for fun and Disney Family, she is also incredibly sweet and humble. Just from the tidbits I've seen or heard about her life from her sharing, she strikes me as the person who has taken nothing for granted and takes chasing dreams as seriously as I do! She is an inspiration for me on a spiritual, inner level and I am just always so impressed with everything she does! She, to me, is a reminder that anything is possible and that life is a colorful affair.

I could go on and on about her and rave about her famous Mickey shaped sugar cookies, but I'll let her account speak for itself! 

Follow Tiffany on Instagram!


4.) Ashtine, @ashtinelikekutcher


After her recent feature on Disney Style's blog, you may be following this account, but in case you aren't, here's why you should!

Ashtine has taken a slightly different approach to how she shares her Disney outfits and I LOVE IT! She is known for her impeccably styled flat lays that provide endless inspiration for park style using great everyday staples mixed with the latest Disney Licensed product available to buy! 

I myself love styling an outfit head-to-toe and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to incorporating as much Disney as I can which is why I love seeing her deck each flat lay out with the perfect shoes, ears, purse, etc.

Honestly, if you think about it, she's living in the year 3000 (Yes, I now hope you're singing that Jo-Bro song!) with her account because it's basically like a virtual closet of all the possible outfits you can wear if you're ever in a styling rut! 

Follow Ashtine on Instagram!


5.) Paris Kain


Paris (@perksofaparkhopprincess) is a fellow Disney blogger who I'm friends with that not only has great style, but she manages to make it shine even when she's not a local living near the parks! Her creativity is always working in overdrive and I will always drool and obsess over this blog post and styling she did in a laundromat! WOW!

She has such a way with using everyday, trendy pieces paired with Disney items to make them more subtle, but still magical for everyday! She has a true passion for sharing her Disney Style and she's just like me in the sense that even the little details of a concept or outfit are important and are worth sharing! 

She's got that lifestyle aesthetic on lock and I really think you'll enjoy following her!

Follow Paris on Instagram!


That's it for this first installment of Fab 5 Friday! I can't wait to share more fabulous things with you next Friday!

If you have any topics or suggestions of things you'd like me to share my favorites on, leave them in the comments below!

I've got a post on my 5 favorite lip products coming next!

Until next time...




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