Magical Night | Disney After Hours

Magical Night | Disney After Hours


If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a nearly empty Magic Kingdom all to yourself once the sun goes down, then I'm here to tell you that Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom is just the event for you to get that magical experience. I recently was invited and provided tickets to this After Hours event by Disney to experience it myself and to share my thoughts with you guys! Keep reading to find out more!


Disney After Hours is a special ticketed event that allows you to enjoy the magic when most guests are sent home for the night. This gives you the magical opportunity to not only enjoy a very much reduced crowd level in the parks, but also means wait times are drastically cut. While experiencing this event, I never once saw a wait time be more than 10 minutes for all the attractions. Can you believe?! This included big attractions like Peter Pan's Flight, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain-- which typically have wait times of an hour and half or more. While before you may spend an entire day trying to experience all these attractions, I was able to do all the attractions in the time between 10 pm - 1 am. 


Another sweet (and salty) perk to this event is the inclusion of a variety of ice cream treats, popcorn, and bottled beverages-- all free/included in the price of your ticket. I loved being able to walk up to the various carts sprinkled throughout the park and being able to pick and have as many treats as my heart desired! 


I can't say enough how much I enjoyed getting to see Magic Kingdom at night with virtually no crowds, no lines, and NO SUN. Summer's in Walt Disney World can be brutal with all of those things being at an all time high. It was so refreshing to me, someone who suffers from severe crowd anxiety, to be able to come to my happy place and feel relaxed. There's nothing dreamier to me than seeing the way Magic Kingdom glows and twinkles in the moonlight and this is an event I could see myself doing again.

For a party who is trying to make the most of their time and their stay, I think this is a great way to pack in as much magic as possible. If I was a visiting guest, I would suggest doing this:

Spend your morning/afternoon at one of the other world-class parks Walt Disney World offers and then come to Magic Kingdom at night for this special ticketed event. This is especially helpful if you have a short trip and want to experience as much as possible. I look at this event as a shortcut way to experience a full day park in a half day time frame. So even if you have, for example, 2 days at Walt Disney World, you can still experience all the attractions at MK without using a full day to do so.

Another thing to note with this event is that you can enter the park with your ticket at 7 pm. So even though the event doesn't start until 9 or 10 depending on your selected day, you still have 2-3 hours to fit in even more magic before the sun sets completely. 

No crowds, no long waits, no beating sun, free treats...sounds like one Magical Night to me. :)

If you're interested in learning more about this event and purchasing tickets, you can click here.

Let me know if you'll be considering this event for your next trip to MK!

Until next time...




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