Packed with Magic | Packing & Travel Tips

Packed with Magic | Packing & Travel Tips


When it comes to packing for trips, no matter how big or small the trip is, efficiency and practicality is key for me! (So is cuteness ;)) Since I now live in Florida, packing for Disney World trips like I used to are kinda a thing of the past, BUT since I still travel to Disneyland (and hopefully the international parks soon!!!!), I thought I would share with y'all a few tips I've learned along the way that keep packing and traveling a lil' more magical!

This is just the way I like to pack and it may not be what's best for you, however, if you have some helpful tips, I'd be happy to hear them! Always looking for creative and innovative ways to make packing easier!

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If you're like me, packing can get a little out of hand very quickly. I found that I was always trying to bring too much with me and that just made my life harder and me more stressed, and that giving myself a huge checked bag made me feel like I needed to fill it and it in turn made it cumbersome to travel with.

With time, I've found that limiting myself to a carry-on size suitcase helps me stay more organized and focused and always helps me see what's really important to bring. That's why when I saw this CalPak confetti carry-on, I knew it was just the one I wanted to use not only for its size but also its aesthetic! It may look small, but it surprisingly fits A LOT. I'm talking 5 days worth of outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, PJ's, undies, and a toiletry bag! 

Now I know that if you're going on a longer trip, you may need a bigger size than this, but with my time's traveling to Disney World and beyond I've learned that if you're smart with the way you pack, you can fit quite a lot in just a carry-on. Mixing and matching staples as well as rolling your clothing tightly let's you maximize your space and time!


This next tip is definitely a Disney specific one, but when it comes to packing and traveling with ears, I treat them like precious babies. I don't like packing my ears in my suit case. Instead, I choose to carry them in my personal item so that I'm in control of how rough they're handled. God forbid my favorite, most well worn, and broken-in pair of ears get lost or damaged in the suit case when it goes under the plane or above my head while flying.

I like to use duffle bags as my personal item. I’m kinda aware that technically this duffle bag would be considered too big for a personal item, but I always carry one of these and I've never had anything said to me about the size. It still fits under my seat and I make sure not to stuff it too full either in case it does need to be condensed a little. This rose gold one from Vera Bradley has been my latest favorite and I love how it goes with the carry-on I'm using! 

Here's what I always have in my personal item:

-wireless headphones


-travel blanket (I use one that is super compact)

-makeup (more info below)

-fuel rod/battery pack

-neck pillow (I use one that you blow up so that I can save on space when needed)



-sheet masks/ facial wipes

You want to make sure you keep anything of value on you if possible. If you're on a really long flight, I suggest bringing some snacks too!


Sometimes traveling with heat hair tools is tricky because you have to be able to pack them quickly and sometimes that's hard-- especially if the tool is still warm from prior use. To combat that issue, I use this curling/ flat iron cover! It totally solves this issue and is super cute!

When it comes to my makeup, I also just try to bring the absolute necessities. I help control this again by using a fairly small cosmetic bag! Again, don't be fooled by it's size though because it fits all the makeup from the flat lay above, plus a few lipsticks that aren't pictured! I stick with the bare minimum on makeup so that means not bringing multiple eye shadow palettes, blushes, etc. I instead choose to just switch up lipsticks when traveling because those are much smaller to pack.

For my makeup brushes and makeup, I like using separate bags so that the brushes don't get messed up in with all the makeup. This roll up bag perfectly holds all my needed brushes and even has a clear pocket to hold smaller brushes and q-tips. It keeps them organized, contained, and protected and I never travel without it.

 I use this rose gold, medium size cosmetic bag for all my makeup. I like these because it's lined with plastic on the inside, so even if you have leaks or spills of product, it stays inside and it's easy to wipe out. 

I choose to carry all of this in my personal item mainly because they fit and it allows me to easily access my makeup if needed.  I usually don't fly in my makeup and will often put it on when we are about an hour out from landing. I also choose to carry it with me because my makeup is my life and I like knowing that it's with me and not lost. 

You may wonder why I don't put it in my carry-on and that's simply because sometimes airlines will make you check a carry-on if it's a really full flight. This just goes back to making sure I have everything of value and things I need to be able to access with me at all times.

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If you're traveling internationally, having a passport holder is really convenient. Aside from keeping your passport protected, this Dumbo passport holder also has slots for ID, cards, and cash! It's a great way of keeping all those important things all in one place!



What you wear while traveling is important too because you want to be comfortable. I like wearing something that is long sleeved because flights can be cold and nothing is more uncomfortable than being cold and not having something to keep you warm. I also recommend wearing leggings or bottoms that are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. I also like wearing slip on shoes so that going through security is a little easier. 

This is all really your preference but those practices have made my traveling experiences a lot more pleasant.

Hope these tips were helpful for you and that your next trip is magical!

Let me know if you have any tips in the comments below!

Until next time...



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