(Bo) Peep My OOTD | Toy Story Land

(Bo) Peep My OOTD | Toy Story Land

All photography provided by  Faison Anne Photography

All photography provided by Faison Anne Photography

Hey howdy hey, partners! In case you didn't know, Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios is now open to all toys, and according to Al's Toy Barn commercials, it's a success! Just remember that batteries aren't included. LOL! 

Thanks so much again to Disney for providing the tickets and fast passes for this day!

I'm still so in awe of the detail, colors, and magic that is packed into this little land! It has inspired my wardrobe so much recently so when I got the chance to come play for the day, I wanted to go all out with a Bo Peep themed outfit! 


You know your girl loves her primary colors, but for this day, I wanted to go a little sweeter and feminine with this look and what better character to Disney Bound as than Bo Peep?! She's the love interest of Woody in the movie series, but I never feel she gets quite enough love! It made me so happy to find a couple places throughout the land that featured her in some way! Here's hoping she gets her fair share of screen time in the upcoming Toy Story 4! #MakeBoPeeptheStarWeAllKnowSheIs

For my outfit, I was able to find the perfect pieces from Unique Vintage! UV is always my go-to when I'm looking for good Disney Bound pieces! They have an entire line on their site based on Disney characters so it makes it super easy to find pieces for bounds! This dress was definitely intended to be for a Bo Peep outfit, but I got to have my creative say for the rest of the outfit! It's the accessories, after all, that make an outfit for me! To add a little sweet flair, I opted for a soft blue petticoat and this darling pair of cream ballet flats that feature a cute little pink heart on the toes! The pop of blue and the detail of the shoes were my favorite aspect of this outfit! I had the best time twirling around in this getup! Nothing makes me feel girlier than wearing an outfit like this and being able to do the biggest twirls! Not that I needed a sweater in this FL heat, but this one was thin enough that I was able to wear it draped on my shoulders! It was a touch that really made the outfit feel more complete. Since ears wouldn't have really worked for this outfit, I decided on a head scarf! This is always my go-to when heading to the parks without ears because it still does the trick of keeping hair out of my face! I just tied mine in a bow on top of my head!


I'm sure you've noticed that Toy Story Land isn't lacking in picture perfect, photo ready spots and I took this day to get some shots at my faves! The Luxo Pixar Ball, Popsicle Stick Wall located at the Toy Story Mania exit, along with the Little Green Army Men sprinkled throughout the land are my favorite spots for pics! If i'm being honest though, there's not one spot in this land that isn't cute!  


On this day, I FINALLY got to sample some of the food! We were there early enough that they were still serving breakfast which is one thing I really love about the food offerings in this land! Good, quick breakfast options are hard to come by and Woody's Lunch Box delivers on both! Out of all the things we tried, my top picks from the breakfast menu was the breakfast bowl, the turkey sandwich, and this sweet pop tart (pictured above!) Woody's Lunch Box offers two versions of these, but the pink one was definitely my favorite! I'm still excited to try more of the lunch offerings soon, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on that!


I know I mentioned Fast Passes, so we made sure to take advantage of that by hitting up Slinky Dog Dash as much as possible! This family friendly coaster is a BLAST! Not only did it surprise me with its zippiness and little added details to the ride itself, but the theming just blows me away!! There's so many neat things to see while waiting in line and the end of the ride itself makes me smile every time!  I don't want to spoil too much, but I'm sure it will make you smile too!

Toy Story Mania is essentially the same, but with an extended and enhanced queue that features a smart Mr. Potato Head that has a pretty fun way of interacting with waiting guests! He complimented me on my outfit-- a potato after my own heart! ;)

Alien Swirling Saucers features techno remixes of the Toy Story Songs we've all come to love and quite literally swirls you around the galaxy! This ride is best experienced with friends who won't mind getting tossed around with you! My favorite thing to do on this ride is to keep my hands in the air and let the force of gravity toss me around. I always have a good time on this attraction! 

Toy Story Land is just so dreamy. I can't wait to keep experiencing this land in the coming months and to do more outfits inspired by it! I always like to take you guys along with me on my stories, so keep an eye out for those!

Have you guys been to TSL yet?! If so, what was your favorite part?

If you have't been yet, be sure to let me know what you're most excited about!

If you're interested in learning more about Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios or booking tickets, click HERE!

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