Swish and (Style On) Flick

All Photography provided by    Phillip Kelly

All Photography provided by Phillip Kelly

It’s no surprise that I love dressing for theme parks! It presents the unique challenge of keeping comfort and practicality in mind while also making sure you’re letting your own personal style shine! It’s all about finding just the right pieces and honestly what I love most about it is being able to play off of the incredible theming that theme parks immerse us in.

When is comes to this over-the-top and spot-on theming, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios delivers. I am always in awe of the attention to detail, the colors, and the magic that was brought to life in this area of the parks, so it was only natural that my mind races with outfit inspiration! There are few things that get me more pumped about going to the parks than knowing I have put together the perfect outfit to explore and enjoy them in!


In the past, Universal has strictly been a park that I went to have fun in. I hadn’t really focused on creating looks for them yet, mainly because I was still getting familiar with the lay of the land. I have been a passholder at the parks for less than a year now, but I started seeing little things about the parks that were really starting to inspire me and get me excited about showcasing the ideas to y’all I had in my head! I had already consciously made the decision to start sharing more of my Universal Style Adventures and just like a *swish and flick* of the wrist, I was presented with the perfect piece to build an outfit around!

I was recently sent this dreamy backpack that looks like a midnight sky with golden stars to produce a sponsored post with! The second I saw it, I knew it was meant to be shot with a Ravenclaw inspired outfit! This backpack is what I built my entire outfit around and I think all the pieces perfectly encapsulate the wonder and whimsy of the Wizarding World that J.K. Rowling created for us.

Personally, I drew inspiration from the richer, moodier colors seen throughout that area of the park and when it came to the overall personality of the outfit, I found great joy in feeling that Luna Lovegood would herself wear these quirky, magical pieces!

(FYI: You’ll find that the backpack is currently Out of Stock. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when it will be back! It was supposed to restock a few days before the publication of this post, but I waited and delayed my post for it to restock and it hasn’t yet. However, if you click on the link above, you will find a place to sign up to receive an email once it restocks! I know that some physical Kipling stores may have some in their inventory, so check there as well.)

al9i0730 2.JPG

Since I wanted to channel my Ravenclaw pride, I focused on incorporating a lot of blue, but I didn’t stop with the subtle nods there. I chose in incorporate my pink high top sneakers to pay homage to Luna! In the movies, she is seen looking for her shoes that she suspected the Nargles took, so for more than just comfort, I chose to wear these shoes because they remind me of her.

For the rest of the outfit, I scored big by finding all the other pieces from the new Wild Fable line found exclusively at Target stores! I’ve been obsessed with it since they introduced it! Not only are the pieces affordable, but they are SO CUTE!!! It was kind of a surprise to me how much I liked them! They definitely got that Urban Outfitters vibe down but at a much more affordable price point!

Let’s all say it in unison— TARGET DOES IT AGAIN!

The Harry Potter graphic tee is one that I’ve been eying for a while. I loved how soft it was and the artwork itself was eye-catching with the gold foil detailing. It made for the perfect piece to layer under this striped jumpsuit that features functional buttons that are not only a cool detail, but also allowed me to still showcase the tee underneath! This jumpsuit itself is what had me excited about making this a Ravenclaw inspired look— the colors are PERFECT for it!

What really was the icing on the Happee Birthdae Harry cake were the additions of some fitting accessories. These starburst and crescent moon earrings evoke all the magical vibes and pulled more gold into the outfit and the glitter cat ears were a fun change from mouse ears and made me feel downright witchy! These details really made the outfit for me much like the details in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are what make it!

I really am so excited to share more Universal inspired outfits! I feel a new sense of inspiration for lands that I’m still getting to know and I do believe the adventure is just now beginning!

Until next time, witches…



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