Night with the Stars | Date Night Outfit Inspo

All photos taken by  Phillip Kelly — reach out for shoot bookings!

All photos taken by Phillip Kelly— reach out for shoot bookings!

It’s hard to believe that over 8 years ago, Dylan took me out on our first date to the movies where we would see Charlie St. Cloud and he would go one to drop what is one of the cheesiest pick-up lines ever.

Funnily enough, Dylan won me over with this line…

“If you were a pirate, would you put a parrot this this shoulder,”

(he casually placed his hand on my left shoulder)

“or this shoulder?”

(He so slyly draped his arm around me.)

Welp, I fell for it and here we are now, 8 years later…still going to the movies as one of our favorite date-nights. Guess I’m just as cheesy as he is. <3


Going to the movies certainly isn’t a unique idea in itself but Dylan and I sure do love it! We’re big movie buffs and always eager to see the latest movie to hit the big screen. It was our favorite thing to do when we first started dating, but you have to remember— we grew up in a one-stop-light town and there weren’t many date night options. Even now that we live in the metropolitan area of Orlando, we still love just heading out to see a flick.

Some things never change.

Dylan and I take out movie experience very seriously. We want good, comfortable seats and a place that just feels like it’s our home. Our favorite theatre in the Orlando area is Cinemark Orlando & XD or what we loving just call Artegon Cinemark. The seats are super spacious, recline, and I love being able to pick and reserve our seats in advance. We’re also members of the Cinemark Movie Club which is super beneficial to us because we get to earn free tickets to movies and discounts on concessions!! It’s so great and I feel we really get the use out of it. Btw, this is NOT a sponsored post to mention any of this! We just really love the movies and I wanted to share my tips on my favorites!

Another must-have for me is a snuggly blanket! It just makes everything that more cozy! 

So while going to the movies isn’t an innovative date-night idea, I had to include it because it is just so essentially us. I’m looking forward to many more movie dates to come. (:



When it comes to what I wear to the movies, I honestly can range from sweatpants and a spirit jersey to something a little more polished and put together. Which I go for really just depends on my mood and if we’re going to dinner or some other activity before or after.


Whatever you wear, it’s always important to be comfortable and cozy!

I put together what is truly a simple formula for a date-night outfit but it includes such sweet details that make it feminine, sweet, romantic, eye-catching, and still very cozy!

I, of course, used Minnie Mouse for inspiration in this outfit by paying homage to her in the way of little bows dotting the hem of my high-waisted jeans and had the perfect pop of red in this adorable Minnie Mouse backpack. Since it’s the season of love, I made red and pink my color scheme and this sweater is the definition of sweet & cozy— probably one of my new favorite pieces! To finish it off, I just threw my hair up in a messy half bun, added some Mickey inspired earrings and rings, and a watch to make the look complete and polished.

Shop my look:



Similar Backpack (red is currently out of stock)

Mickey Ring



(Not linking my shoes because I didn’t find them very comfortable and don’t want to recommend them!)

I’ve got a few more date night posts coming your way! I can’t wait to share more sweet moments between Dylan and I! Here’s to love!

Until next time…




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