Dumbo Dressed | How to Style a Graphic Tee

All photos taken by Phillip Kelly! Contact them for    shoot bookings    and follow them on    Instagram   !

All photos taken by Phillip Kelly! Contact them for shoot bookings and follow them on Instagram!

The following post is not sponsored. All products were purchased with my own money and I am in no way promoting the purchasing of Dumbo movie tickets. I just really love Dumbo.

I think we all can agree that graphic tees are not only a fun way to show your personality & interests, but they’re also wildly comfortable and versatile.

With the upcoming live-action release of Dumbo, (which I’m immensely excited for (y’all have to know I LOVE Dumbo by now.)) I realized I had quite a few Dumbo graphic tees, so I took this as a sign that I needed to do a post incorporating them!

With that said, I wanted to share a few tips on how to style a graphic tee no matter what your style may be!

Personally, I wouldn’t consider my style to be casual. I feel way more confident and comfortable in dresses and more elevated outfits, but tee’s definitely have their place in my closet for the exact reasons I mentioned above and not to mention the fact that sometimes a tee shirt is just the (circus) ticket when it comes to frequenting theme parks as much as I do!

Keep in mind that even if you aren’t taking a tip to Disney anytime soon, you can wear these outfits anywhere! Just leave out the ears (or don’t) and add another hair accessory if desired!

cw 2.JPG

Dress It Up

Just because a graphic tee leans more on the casual side of the fashion spectrum doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a little style magic to dress it up for work or otherwise and make it your own!

My favorite trick is to pair it with some structured trousers.

You can make it even more work appropriate by adding a blazer or cardigan of your choice!

If you’re shopping smart, you could also look for two-piece suit sets and have your outfit complete!

Since I made this a park outfit, I went for an almost Timothy Mouse Disneybound complete with band jacket!

When you play off the elements of the graphic tee itself, your style and personality are sure to shine and people will go nuts over it! That’s why I went for the red pants! It’s such a statement! Be bold!

FYI: The Train in Magic Kingdom at WDW is currently closed for the next few months!! That means you can have a completely empty train for photos like I did!

cw-3 3.JPG
cw-5 3.JPG
cw-7 4.JPG
cw-10 3.JPG

Shop My Look:

Ear hat is available in Disney California Adventure

(similar) jacket

Timothy Mouse Tee

(similar) pants


Accessorize It

cw-20 5.JPG

I always steered away from the usual t-shirt and shorts combo because it just felt so boring and bland to me… even with a cool graphic tee, the outfit just didn’t feel complete…

To have an outfit that will be a headlining act, have fun with adding different textures, layers, and accessories!

I french tucked (Thank you, Tan France and God Bless Queer Eye) this oversized tee into some fun patchwork Levi’s, layered a colorful cardigan overtop for some added interest, and threw on a fun belt bag and a pair of holographic sneakers to elevate what would normally be a pretty basic outfit into something that showcased my love for color & comfort! 

cw-13 3.JPG
cw-16 2.JPG
cw-18 2.JPG
cw-19 3.JPG
cw-12 3.JPG
I found the magic feather!

I found the magic feather!

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(similar) cardigan

(similar) tee (same cut, style, and wash…just a different character)

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Holographic Sneakers

Dumbo Hip Pack

Keep It Comfortable

cw-22 2.JPG

The tee itself is sure to be comfortable, so why not keep the rest of the outfit the same way? If you’re a more comfort over everything type of person, this doesn’t mean you can’t still look polished and cute!

Pair your tee with some flowy culottes or a maxi or midi skirt!

These are usually breathable, don’t feel constricting, and best of all you can almost always find either of these in solids or fun patterns like the ones I’m wearing. That’s amazing to me because there’s a plethora of options no matter what your mood or vibe you’re going for!

cw-28 2.JPG
cw-24 4.JPG
cw-25 3.JPG
cw-31 2.JPG
cw-26 4.JPG

Shop My Look:

headband (check for next shop opening. At the time of this post, her shop is closed. Next scheduled opening is March 29th.)

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I so hoped you enjoyed a few tips and tricks I use when planning and pairing outfits! This post has me so excited to not only see Dumbo when it comes out in a few days but to share more style tips and tricks!

Thanks for joining the style circus with me!

Until next time…



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